How to Join

Simply posting content on social media for a chance to win rewards, please check the following terms. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email at

1) All customers who have purchased the products below from will have the chance to win by posting content on selected social media (Products list see below).

2) Content that should be published after the event starts is considered valid.

3) Make sure the social media accounts that you share are public.

4) Only allowed to choose the specified clothing for this event.

5) Join our Facebook group here.

About Prizes

1) All winners will be notified via email(, please reply within 48 hours with the prize you would like to redeem. Otherwise, it will be considered a waiver.

2) Winners can redeem three types of prizes: Cash, Points, or Coupons.

3) Points, Coupons will be sent out within 72 hours. Cash will be issued within 7 business days, please also provide your PayPal account.

4) To redeem points, you need to have a registered account in our store.

5) moodytiger reserves the right to use all contents provided by winners for commercial purposes.

Available Products list:

The structure of stories

Topic: 4W 1H

1. When: When did you buy moodytiger?

2. Where: Where did you decide to wear our outfits? (which occasions: outdoor, casual or sporting)

3. Why: Why did you decide to buy our products?

4. What: What have you bought? Benefits of our outfits?

5. How: How do you feel when you and your family members wear our outfits?


Instagram (feed post) & Facebook

a) Pictures of children modelling in moodytiger clothes

b) High-quality pixels with enough exposure

c) Avoid messy background, keep it clear

d) Outdoor scene, looks energetic

e) No other obvious brand logo in the pictures

f) Keep your child's clothes as flat as possible

g) Tag us@moodytige and #moodytiger

Instagram Reels & YouTube video

Video Contains

a) Brand name appears in video or video title

b) Introduction should be more than 3 minutes

c) Video clips of children modelling in moodytiger clothes

d) Include our clothing or logo in your video thumbnail

Please note:

*Email the post or video link and order screenshot after the content is published so that we can review it as soon as possible.

*moodytiger reserves the right to final interpretations of the event.