Active | Comfortable | Versatile

Ensure your children feel comfortable and protected 24/7 thanks to Moody Tiger’s sun-safe athleisurewear.

Represent A New Concept

Bring Functions to Kidswear

Function and design must meet at the right proportions in children's clothing for it to be popular and accepted. Highlights of our clothes are: 

UPF rating 50+

Highly breathable fabrics

Ventilation design

Highly stretchable

Made for kids

Kids Activewear

Kids love to explore the world without boundaries. Moody Tiger is specifically designed for kids for all those exciting challenges outdoors, indoors and in between. We provide a year-round wardrobe for kids from 2-12 years old. Fashionable, functional and comfortable are the design philosophy of our products.

Premium Fabrics

Moody Tiger prioritizes on products instead of marketing, most resources are invested on production with continuous improvement of our products.

Breezy legging is our unique product in summer for girls. Its fabric is very soft to touch, ultra-stretchable, with cooling-effect and skin-breathable thanks to its high density knitting structure. Furthermore, this fabric has excellent sun protection with the highest UPF rating 50+.