We believe that children deserve the boundless freedom to explore the world and unleash their full potential through unrestrained movement

Hi, we are Zoe and Donald, the wife-and-husband team behind moodytiger.

This is how our moodytiger journey began...

We are parents of three children. As a family, we love the outdoors: but we soon came to realise that activewear for children was limited to cotton t-shirts or oversized track pants. The so-called “quick dry” polyester garments were scratchy and uncomfortable – not what we want to put on the backs of our children as they embark on adventures that shape them into the people we adore.

As parents, we resonate deeply with the Montessori method by which our children were educated from a young age. We believe exploration and freedom of choice are key to teach kids to thrive on their own.

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These experiences together, fueled our decision to start moodytiger with the aim to empower children in self-exploration with multifunctional and stylish activewear.

The Montessori principles were precisely what characterised moodytiger: “moody” – for our unpredictable and untamed children – and “tiger” for their confidence and hunger for adventure. 

As parents, we believe it is important to respect these natural, wonderful qualities of our children. They are not as fragile as we think; instead, they are fierce and daring cubs finding their roar. 

At moodytiger, our mission is to develop functional and stylish activewear tailored to the needs of children, empowering them to live an active lifestyle and explore a world of unlimited possibilities.

Since day 1, we have invested a great deal of time on fabric research and development, an everyday discussion that’s led by Donald, who spent his academic years learning about material engineering and innovation in Singapore, the UK and Hong Kong.

We will never forget the joy we had from seeing our daughter Olivia wear the first pair of leggings we designed and run around with excitement and comfort.

Since then, moodytiger has grown to include wardrobes for tennis, swimming, surfing, skiing, skating, golfing and more, with hero products such as leggings, Seamless Skin Jackets, and Air Supply Tees. Thanks to support from our customers like you, our products are now sold to 100+ countries.

As parents, we understand the challenges you face while shopping for your little ones. This is why we have designed our products to be safe, lightweight, and restraint-free, with sustainability in mind.

Safety, Guaranteed (bluesign®)

Our promise of safety is upheld by our partnership with bluesign®, an internationally acclaimed sustainability solution that ensures all harmful materials  – whether to the environment or our health – are eliminated at the beginning of production, and that every part of the supply chain undergoes examination and is completely traceable.

Lightweight & Restraint-Free

Designed for children aged 4 to 16, every piece from moodytiger fills the gap of existing children’s activewear as we knows what’s best for your children: sweat-resistant, sun-repellent and void of restraints.

We exclusively use high-performance fabrics and tailoring that are light, cotton-feel soft and have a four-way stretch to support children's exploration needs, comfort and safety.  

Sustainability In Every Step

A brand that cares about children cares about our future.

Reducing environmental impact is a priority, from design to fabric selection and beyond. All our products are wrapped in recyclable environmental packaging certified by the FSC.

Every step we take goes toward conserving this beautiful planet, which our children will inherit.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We look forward to seeing your little ones slip into a moodytiger and make the world their playground!

With Love,

Zoe & Donald