Meet Our Proprietary Fabrics

We've dedicated great effort to developing fabrics that enhance our children’s wearing experience.
Slip into moodytiger, and let them explore the world with ease.


Beat the summer heat with Brizi®

Designed to combat kid's discomforts such as sunburn, heat, stuffiness, and sweat accumulation.

Best For: School/ Practice/ Play / All Sport

Feels: Cooling & Slick

  • Cooling &Ultra-Breathable
  • UPF50+, Ultimate Sun Protector
  • Thin, Light, and Airy
  • Crazy Smooth & Super Soft
  • Unique Stretch Sensation
  • Fast-drying and sweat-wicking
  • Seamless stitching and 30% increased line density
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What’s Special About Brizi®

Cool-Feeling & Breathable

UPF50+ Ultimate Sun Protector

Fast-Drying & Sweat-Wicking

Air Supply 2 Layers Short Sleeves **Light Wistaria**

Air Supply

Stay cool and comfortable with Air Supply technology fabric

With 40,000 breathable mesh panels and a 0.5mm micro-pores system, this activewear offers a cool-feeling and breathable experience.

Best For: Tennis /Play/ Daily Wear/ School

Feels: Light & Airy

  • Ultra Breathable
  • Super Lightweight
  • Move-free
  • Lightning-Fast Dry Time
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What’s Special About Air Supply

Cool-Feeling & Breathable

Super Lightweight

Move Free


Experience unbeatable comfort and cooling with illucra®

The ultimate choice for sports enthusiasts seeking optimal performance and comfort during any outdoor activity

Best For: Outdoor/ Practice/ Play/ School

Feels: Buttery Soft & Fresh Comfy

  • Feeling Inherently Cool
  • Thin, Light, and Airy
  • Fast-Drying & Sweat Wicking
  • Unique Stretch Sensation
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What’s Special About illucra®

Cool-Feeling & Breathable

Unique Yarn Texture

Buttery Soft

Blockmax® Lite

Experience rapid sweat evaporation with Blockmax® Lite

Ensure that moisture is efficiently pulled away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your workout sessions.

Best For: Outdoor/ Practice/ Play/ School

Feels: Breathable & Lightweight

  • Ultra-Breathable & Lightweight
  • Soft & Smooth
  • Unique Stretch Sensation
  • Lightning-Fast Dry Time
  • Water Repellent
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What’s Special About Blockmax® Lite

UPF 50+ Ultimate Sun Protector

Fast Drying & Sweat Wicking

Water Repellent