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SKI ON! Hit the Slopes This Season

The holiday magic is in the air, snow is starting to fall, and many families are getting ready for an active and exciting vacation. Whether you’re travelling to a snowy oasis, or the slopes are in your own backyard, the time for winter sports is upon us. With that comes the important aspect of clothing. Not only will the appropriate workout clothes for kids provide the best advantage for performance, but they will also keep your children safe.

The Apparel Dilemma
Skiing is an activity the whole family can enjoy, but the question of what athletic wear will be best for your kids can hinder the process, making the planning much less enjoyable. That’s where moodytiger comes in. Rather than endless google searches and pro/con lists, we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation, providing you with the optimal kids’ apparel with skiing in mind. While you’re picking the best slopes and the best skis, you can rest easy, knowing moodytiger has put research, time, and consideration into the Get Centered Ski Jacket, Modo Skiing Puffer Jacket, Bounce Q Snow Boots, and Streamline Skiing Pants.

Safety and Skiwear
With our professional approach and research-oriented design process, moodytiger skiwear is made with the importance of children’s safety in mind. A ski suit with weak protection will not guarantee the safety of your children. In the ever-changing environment of the ski resort, a good fit and a safe approach is deeply important when it comes to preventing injury. Even more important than professional adult skiwear, the appropriate kids’ apparel for snow sports can mark the difference between a good time and a stressful one.

Innovation is Important

Our skiwear has a few unique approaches that guarantee a good time. Our 3M Thinsulate™ Technology fabric, which is impressively warm providing protection down to -20 degrees, is significantly better for wet and cold conditions than down or plain cotton. It’s also breathable, allowing for activity and exercise with comfort. The designs of our skiwear have adjustable zippered mesh for extra ventilation.
Ultimately, what we offer is professional protection for your little ones, including DWR technology, making the garments windproof and 10000mm waterproof, High density abrasion resistant outer fabric, and waterproof zippers. The design also prioritizes function, with a cuff snow pocket, removable cap body, multi-pocket storage, inner zipper bag, and thumb button windproof cuff.

Comfort From Head to Toe

The Bounce Q Snow Boots designer specifically for children are -20℃ cold resistant, and warm even when wet. They regulate moisture for a warming experience that does not result in pooling sweat. Combined with the velvet shoe mouth, there are multiple lines of defense for warmth. Covered with a new generation of high breathable PES waterproof membrane, the boots are strong, waterproof, and breathable! From a day of skiing to hiking in rain and snow, these will keep your children’s feet dry and comfy. They are also made with extra traction, adding an important element of safety.

This same attention to detail and safety is incorporated in the Get Centered Ski Jacket, Modo Skiing Puffer Jacket, and Streamline Skiing Pants. From the various features and details to ensure the most comfort when skiing, including waterproof YKK zippers, Lift Pass Pocket, adjustable cuffs, Internal mesh pocket, and padded comfort in key areas to the 3M Thinsulate™ lining, comfort, fashion, and safety merge for the ideal day on the ski slopes.



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