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Balance Seamless Series, from Workout to Time out

Enjoying the Environment

Our lives are busy, and the lives of our children are even busier. With the whole world laid out in front of them, the next generation is lucky enough to embrace it all, trying out activities and finding their true passions. From horseback riding to skiing and just simply exploring the world around, the activities change, but one constant remains—the need for appropriate and safe apparel.

Over 150 years ago, the term Friluftsliv first appeared in the writings of Norwegian poet Henrik Ibsen, and now, a century and a half later, it has entered the vernacular as a term to describe outdoor activities with an emphasis on the relationship between man and nature. Literally translated to “free air life”, it has become synonymous with the “outdoor age”, not encouraging speed or extremes, but true enjoyment of nature.

We’ve taken the Friluftsliv philosophy to heart, and we’re thrilled to assist like-minded families in enjoying this principle together. In order to do that, you need the appropriate athletic wardrobe for your children, so you can ease you mind and truly enjoy the activities. While the idea of wrapping your kids in bubble wrap to keep them safe might be appealing, it would certainly be uncomfortable and ultimately ineffective. Lucky for you,
moodytiger is here to help with the best and safest options.
Seamless Activewear for a Seamless Experience

The Seamless Series was created with exactly this in mind, providing children with snug fitting, seamless clothing for ultimate comfort and safety. By opting for well-fitting gear, you’re saving your child from safety risks like getting caught on obstacles and tripping, but also from very common sensory issues that arise for many children in loose-fitting athletic clothes. In fact, the snug design and thoughtfully chosen fabric supports muscle fibers and increases blood flow, aiding in the prevention of muscle strains and easing DOMS--delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Perhaps you’ve seen well-fitting children’s activewear before, but as you continue your quest to keep your children safe and happy, it helps to have a trusted guide to fall back on. We are that guide, understanding not just the needs of kids, but the needs of families who are making outdoor memories together.
Fit For Fitness

With the Seamless Collection, you get professionally designed activewear for children's bodies, featuring supportive protection, four-way high elastic fiber, and above all, consideration. Our clothes fit kids with special attention to the limbs to avoid any additional pressure or strain. The seamless, stretchy, second-skin design reduces friction and prepares even your little ones for professional sport or just fun! Our carefully selected air holes provide ventilation, and breathability, perfectly complimented by the quick dry and sweat-wicking technology of the fabric.
One of the most important design factors is the seamless aspect, which allows for comfort and freedom of movement, two things that vastly improve your children’s adventuring experience. You can be sure seamless activewear is well-fitting, providing just the right amount of compression!

Fashion and Function
Of course, we know that’s not all that matters to the younger generation. On top of supreme function, the Seamless Collection offers stylish options so athleticwear can be a form of self-expression. Featuring unique patterns, the collection fits seamlessly--get it, because our clothes are seamless ;)—in any wardrobe. One of our favorite options, The Light of Gomera, is a textile inspired by Gomera's gorgeous sunrise in the Canary Islands. The main design technique is color gradual change, which reflects the delicate aesthetic feeling through the subtle changes between colors.
With comfort and beauty effortlessly intertwined, the Seamless Collection offers a chance to truly enjoy, whether it be sports, a leisurely afternoon outside, or just an active lifestyle. No more arguing about safety versus style, and most of all, no more worrying. moodytiger has you covered.



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