Nice on Ice: Freedom to Move in the Rink

The feeling of wind in your hair, the brisk air brushing your face, gliding across the surface of the rink--these are the feelings of momentary freedom. There is no better gift you can give your kiddos than the opportunity to experience that kind of true freedom of movement, except of course to give them the appropriate activewear to help them enjoy it! It is our job as facilitators, parents, and role-models to not just expose children to the world of wonderful activities, but support them the best we can, providing the most comfort possible. With the ideal workout clothes for kids, the possibilities are endless.

Winter is Coming

With Winter on the way, your children might be struggling to come up with activities. From snowball fights to nature hikes, snow angels to snowmen, there’s plenty to do when it’s cold, but not every kid is already familiar with cold-weather sports.

Never fear, skating is here!

For the already avid skaters, and the dancers and gymnasts who have yet to try, ice skating provides a freedom of movement that is completely unique. As kids glide across the ice, they will experience new challenges and new thrills that translate on and off the rink. With that, they need the appropriate kids’ sportswear to accomplish their wildest dreams.

From the speed devil to the aspiring ballerina, ice skating improves balance and coordination, building muscle and dexterity while remaining fun. Just as other sports encourage teamwork and sportsmanship, ice skating offers an exciting medley of real-world applicable values including perseverance, the value of practice, and a sense of accomplishment.

Support is Splendid

As your kids explore new activities, it’s important to encourage them. As the expression “hold them with loose arms” suggests, we aim to keep them safe while giving them the opportunity to explore and grow independently, encouraging them to chase their dreams freely with full support from the loving adults in their lives.

With this in mind, the job of the caregiver becomes providing a sense of comfort and support as they navigate their new journeys. That’s where moodytiger comes in, bringing you optimal athletic wear for kids.

On To the Ice We Go

Introducing the On Ice series, a collection of kids’ fitness clothes made to move with your kiddos as they take their first steps on the ice or attempt their first axel. This collection of fashionable children’s athletic wear is fit for both professional occasions and causal scenes, whether your children are testing the waters for the first time or getting ready to perform.

The fabric has a buttery-soft feel and four-way stretch which guarantees maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Complete with THREADPERFECT high-performance sewing technology, each piece is designed with function in mind, ensuring reduced piling and increased coziness.

Ultimately, the super smooth barely-there feel of the on ice series provides warmth without bulk, which is key to exploring on ice.

Fashion and Function

Of course, we understand that looking good is as important as feeling good when it comes to outfits your little ones will want to wear. With that in mind, we’ve designed fashionable and trendy elements to complete each design. From leggings for kids to kids’ outerwear, we’ve got your covered.

The thumb hole component provides both fashion and function, keeping the sleeves in place and adding stylish design. Rhinestone embellishments give your little ones the opportunity to shine both figuratively and literally, catching the light perfectly and contributing that sparkle. Ruffles add texture and personality to the pieces, and the sleek design of our trousers make them flattering with or without skates!

With the On Ice collection, you can give your kids the gift of comfort as they navigate the ice for the first time or the thousandth time!