moodytiger Leggings review from Amy.

When it comes to kids' clothes, they need to be able to stretch and move in any direction. It has to be a soft and stretchy material that allows them to have fun and move freely. Something that allows them to be comfortable no matter where they are. I'm so happy Moody Tiger is collaborating with us on this review so I can show you just how soft, breathable, and stretchable their clothing line is. 

Who is Moody Tiger?

Moody Tiger, a popular brand from Hong Kong has been able to beautifully meet all of those standards and go above and beyond all expectations. Moody Tiger has stylish clothes with great colors that are made with moveable, breathable, and stretchable material. 

My niece Kaya is an energetic and fast-paced little girl. She is always on the move and looks forward to comfortable clothes to get her through the day. If she is not comfortable, she will change her clothes, I have seen it happen in the blink of an eye. She can be wearing a cute outfit and playing, turn around and she will be wearing something completely different. That's why I knew she would be the best kid for the clothing review. 

Kays says "These make me fast!" She loves the fit and breathable fabric. 

She loves her new Moody Tiger outfit. She was having so much fun and said "These clothes make me fast!". What that means is she is comfortable and happy. She can move around and stretch and play, the unpredictable way that kids play, and be comfortable without her clothes bunching up behind her knees or under her arms. They don't scoot up their legs or arms while she's moving. Finally, something that can keep up with her active lifestyle. 

Moody Tiger is suitable for various activities

Kids' days are so full of spontaneous movement. We never know from one moment to the next where they might be running off to. From running and playing, doing school work, to a mid-day nap, to playing games, and relaxing reading a book, they are busy little humans. Their clothes need to be to fit all of those scenarios. 

The Quality of Moody Tiger

Moody Tiger offers clothing that can easily be worn while running and playing as well as sitting and reading or napping. They have a comfortable fit that allows for comfortable movement in every direction. While they are playing, exercising, learning, napping, or riding in the car, they need to feel confident that what they are wearing can hold up to what they are doing.

The fit is perfect from edge to edge.

Comfort is a huge factor for kids' clothing. Each piece needs to fit correctly for length and width. Something very specific is the stretchable material. The waistband doesn't dig or poke like some leggings do. They stay on and stay up without slouching down. The material fits great and stays in place smoothly. The body of the clothing (i.e. torso, legs, arms) don’t squeeze or fit stiffly. There is the perfect balance of stays in place and soft comfort.

Moody Tiger is available in girl's and women's sizes for Mommy and Me matching outfits. 

How cute are these sisters! They are both wearing the Imagination Wape Top and Moody Tiger Leggings.

I love it that Moody Tiger offers clothing to fit little girls all the way up to adult women. They have a size selection that starts at a 2 youth- 9/10 youth and Women's Small- Women's Large. That's 9 size variations to get the perfect fit for everyone. 

Girls sizing

3/4 Y
5/6 Y

Women's Sizing


My older niece Lex loves Moody Tiger so much, She "borrowed" the outfit from my sister and I don't think she will be giving it back. She loves that the shirt can be worn in both directions. The wrap feature of the top makes a deep "V" on the back while providing full coverage on the front. She discovered that the wrap can go in the front creating a pretty "V" on the front while maintaining its comfortable fit on the neck and shoulders. 

The comfortable fit makes all activities comfortable.

You can find a full wardrobe of comfortable breathable clothing at Moody Tiger. They offer clothing for several activities including Yoga & Gymnastics, Swim & Surf, and Run & Sweat. They have such a fun selection for girls and boys. They also offer outerwear consisting of coats and jackets along with accessories. 

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