Christmas Shopping List

The Gift of Movement:

Our Ultimate Kids Sportswear Guide

It is officially the giving season! Trying to decide what to give the little ones in your life can be a daunting challenge, but nothing is better than a gift that keeps on giving. With appropriate children’s activewear, you can give the gift of comfort and movement, fostering a lifelong love for outdoor activities and exercise. But it’s not that simple. From there, there’s a world of options for kid’s sportswear and weeding through it can be incredibly difficult. That’s why we’ve put together this holiday gift guide of the best moodytiger options for any special kiddo in your life.

Down for Down Jackets
Down jackets are a stylish and versatile option as your kids navigate the great outdoors in the wintertime. There’s a great variety of exciting options. Let’s take the Unisex Twilled Puff Down Jacket to start, which comes in 5 different stylish colors and patterns. This warm and weightless puffer is fun and easy, offering a great universal experience whether dealing with rain or wind. Water repellant, oil resistant, and soil repellent, no need to worry about your children exploring the world around them.
The Herbert Down Jacket is also a great option, with a hood and two arctic-inspired prints. With goose down, it’s warm and comforting, not to mention wind resistant! It’s counterpart, the Harper Down Jacket also offers warm and comfort, protecting even your children’s necks from the cold.
The Global Puffer Jacket is perfect for layering with its bold solid colors. It is perfect for snow sports or even strolling on the chilly days of Fall.

Vests Are Best
If you’re looking for a little more freedom of movement, but the same kind of warmth and protection, look no further than the Moda Vest! Two colors and a range of sized make this the layering piece of the season.

More Jackets
Maybe Down isn’t the style you’re going for. There are plenty of other options including the Bettie DWR Hoodie Jacket. It’s breathable with a relaxed fit, making it the ideal kid’s athleticwear. It’s also waterproof and perfect for school, play, or practice! The Perfect Your Practice Jacket offers a tighter fit and a larger variety of patterns for daily wear or an intense workout sesh.

Bottoms Up!
Of course, you need a whole outfit of warming and flexible clothing to make up the ideal outfit. Thermal leggings are a great option for warmth and versatility. Some of our favorites are the Queenie Thermal Leggings, which come in a variety of holiday-inspired patterns like Green Tundra and Red Mystery, and the Thermal Skirted Leggings with their fashionable attached skirt.
The very popular Balance Series Seamless Leggings are available in a new color for the holidays and soft enough to be worn as PJs or for yoga.
Sometimes more warmth is necessary, in which case look no further than the unisex Glide Puff Pants and the Outdoor Recreation Pants.

Shoe Mania
No outfit is complete with a perfect pair of shoes! For snow play, the Bounce Q Snow Boots are ready, keeping your kiddos’ feet dry and warm as they traipse amongst the flurries. The Swingy VM Kids’ Shoes, Swingy QM Kids’ Shoes, and Swingy Q Kids’ Shoes are perfect for running, training, school, and play. With a quick lace system, they’re easy and convenient.

Accessorize in Style
Accessories make the perfect stocking stuffer and complete any outfit. Top it all off with a Reversible Beanie. Over-The-Calf-Socks keep the lower body warm and comfy. Everything can be tied together with the waterproof Mellow Backpack. It’s lightweight and secure, even in light rain.

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